Our food philosophy also extends to what is in your glass, where a responsible radius is applied to our selection of wine, beer and spirits. Whilst most of our alcoholic selections are sourced from within Tasmania, all of it comes from Australia. We will cross Bass Strait to source those special drops made by winemakers, brewers and distillers from the big island, whose methods of production, ideals and philosophy aligns with our own. Their product must be a unique representation of their terroir, unreplecable on our small island.

Beverage Manager Alex Keene's talent lies in creating unique non-alcoholic beverages. Foraging from our garden and the local environment he juices, ferments and brews to create a non-alcholic beverage selection to pair with our menu that is every bit as interesting as our alcoholic selection. So if you're a teetotaller or have drawn the short straw as designated driver we've got you.

The same local philosophy is strictly adhered to when creating our cocktail menu each week. Designed around local spirits and other available Tasmanian ingredients. While many may not care that we martyr ourselves over a few lemons, citrus is rare in Tasmania. There is no local production, so instead, the usual bar staple is a special seasonal treat, begged, borrowed and stolen from nearby backyards.

We also have an extensive beverage list as well as wine and Alex's non-alcoholic creations by the glass.